Pulse – Description

The visual centerpiece of Pulse is an anatomically-correct heart,  beating fire through its four chambers in a visually stunning spectacle emulating the blood flow through the human heart. The outer steel structure  is formed by the intricate vasculature and predominant veins and arteries of the heart.  Above the heart chambers, the pulmonary artery and aortic arch shoot spectacular pulses of fire into the night sky.

Pulse - Flaming Lotus Girls
Concept drawing for Pulse

Using biosensors, participants can synchronize  the beating of Pulse with their own heartbeats. Participants also control the bursts of fire from pulmonary artery and aortic arch using buttons and valves.

Emerging from the playa around Pulse  are veins and arteries with hypnotic, spinning  vortices of red and blue flame, providing ambient heat for cold nights.

Surrounding the sculpture are two “Pulse Pods” allowing space for people to gather, sheltered from the sun by day and the wind by night.  Interactivity allows participants to fill each pod chamber with the sound and vibration of their own heartbeats. At night, this is complemented by modulated LED effects, which create an immersive audiovisual experience. The exterior of the Pulse Pods are enhanced by lighting to create visual patterns in sync with the heartbeat inside the Pod.