The Flaming Lotus Girls are heading into an excellent summer! We’ve had a great spring, showing the Serpent Mother at Nimby in Oakland, and visiting Maker Faire with feathers from the Angel of the Apocalypse. We’re continuing to show art all summer- come find us!

Distrikt Revel Station, June 13th, Oakland CA

We’re bringing two mushrooms, Sue and Clyde, from our 2012 installation, Xylophage. Though they won’t be on fire (they are adorned with LEDs), they’re pretty cute, so come say hello. Get your tickets now!

the Bayview Gateway Proposal, San Francisco, CA

The Flaming Lotus Girls are extremely honored and excited to be one of three finalists for a San Francisco Arts Commission project, to be located right in our neighborhood, Bayview. Check out our proposal here! 

Burning Man, 2015, Black Rock City NV

The Serpent Mother is coming back to Burning Man! She first emerged in 2006, and has been traveling the world ever since. Shes coming on home though, and we couldn’t be happier to be showing her again, better than ever. Come and find us somewhere out there, we’d love for you to push our buttons!

Soma, Pier 14, San Francisco CA

Our beautiful, shiny, interactive neuron has been invited to stay another year on the Embarcadero in San Francisco. We’re delighted to continue to share our art with the city. Soma lights up every night at sunset, and has 2 buttons that we invite you to stop by and push.