The Hand of God

The Hand of Gods is a 12’ hand-beaten copper sculpture of a woman’s hand, which pulses plumes of fire 30’ – 100’ into the air.

The Hand is a liquid fuel fire effect: pressurized fuel is controlled through high-speed pneumatic solenoid ball valves. Four of the fingers operate with .5” valves; the pointer finger has a 1.5” valve for a bigger jet of flame. The Hand can create more than one plume of flame at a time, and operators can vary the sequence for each performance.

A range of liquid fuels are combined with transition metal salts to create colored flame effects. All of the mechanical elements and control systems are hidden inside the Hand, but can be viewed through a copper portal from the back. The propane igniters can stay lit for hours.

Physical Specs: 12′ tall copper representation of a woman’s left hand

Flame Effects: Large, 100′ foot flames erupt from each of Her fingertips. Flames can be colored red, green, blue, orange, purple, and can feature titanium sparkles.

Color: Warm copper

Interactivity: Every show is unique and can be sequenced to music or a performance.


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