Soma translates the anatomy of neurons into metal, fire and light, magnifying the microscopic world to an epic scale. An elegant axon arch connects an earthbound neuron with its neighbor neuron, suspended overhead. The curvy dendrites are tipped with  LEDs that pulse and change with the push of a button. 

Originally built with fire, Soma was retrofitted to be suitable for interactive long term public display, and now has over 60 custom LED packages, each outputting 270 lumens of light, individually controllable and capable of 16 million colors.

Soma is FLG’s first long term public install, spending 2 years in San Francisco, CA, on Pier 14. It is currently installed in Vallejo, CA., where its buttons are ready for pushing all night. 


Show History:

Union Plaza, Vallejo CA, 2016 – 2018

Pier 14, San Francisco CA, 2014 – 2016

Electric Daisy Carnival, Las Vegas, 2013

Electric Daisy Carnival, Los Angeles, 2010

Maker Faire, San Mateo, 2010

Burning Man. Nevada, 2009







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