Seven Sisters

The Seven Sisters is a collection of interactive fire sculptures inspired by the constellation Pleiades. The installation is composed of seven sculptures, some rising from the ground, some hovering 20 feet in the air. Each individual star is a stand-alone sculpture, but their combined effect is dazzling and spellbinding.

Electra, the central element, features a large spinning liquid fuel effect: an electric motor spins the nozzles to create angled plumes in a spinning crown of fire 100’ tall. Three other spherical stars are animated with motors, and the remaining three stars are seven-pointed organic shapes. Each sculpture includes a unique flame effect.


Physical Specs

7 unique star sculptures with a large central liquid fuel star sculpture in the center. 100’x100′ footprint.

Merope: Freshly rebuilt in beautiful stainless steel! Large shadow box star with Sparkle Poof effect!

Asterope: 18′ tall spiky star with a large propane poofer.

Taygeta: 12′ tall ethereal graceful star with fire on each of her 7 points.

Electra: Central spinning star, 100′ rotating flame erupting out of sculpture.

Alcyone: 10’x10’x5′ round star, spinning ball of fire with a liquid propane “comet” shooting through the middle of the ball

Maia: 15’x4’3′ round star, spinning ball of fire above audience members’ heads.

Celano: 15’x4’3′ round star, spinning ball of fire suspended from curved star spine.


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