Fire Island

Fire Island was a world of flaming flowers, cacti, and trees, surrounded by a sea of dust. Consistings of several elements: a floating lily pond and firefall, a weeping willow tree, flaming copper flowers, a shadow light cactus garden and two propane fire cannons. The Fire Fan featured six fire effects which opened and closed in a midi-controlled sequence, and our “Flaming Lotus Senior” — a kerosene cannon fire effect.

As people wandered within the Fire Island environment, they sat and relaxed on boat benches, and enjoyed a restful pause in the midst of a stimulating and engaging scene.

Physical Specs: 100 unique copper flowers, cacti and other organic flora and fauna.

Flame Effects: Propane flames from each flower, poofers and movement, a kerosene cannon

Color: Warm copper, reflective finish stainless steel and mild steel

Interactivity: Each flower is controlled by the audience, creating a unique performance nightly


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