Angel of the Apocalypse

The Angel of the Apocalypse is an elegant, abstracted bird rising from the ground, creating an environment embraced by soaring feathers. The Angel is made from shaped and welded stainless and mild steel, driftwood and fuel. In its first incarnation, the body, made with driftwood, was burned away. The body was recreated in mild steel in 2010. The Angel’s head burns wood in a passive fire, and its wings are alive with poofing flames, controlled by the audience. The warm, bright enclosure is an inviting environment, celebrating rebirth, life and community.

The head is built from 3/16” steel plate, curved and layered, standing 14’ tall with glass eyes, and serves as an all-night wood-burning fireplace. The stainless steel wings range in size from 9’ – 20’ (2m – 7m) tall. The small inner feathers feature continuous ambient fire, with a large ‘poof’ effect controlled by buttons embedded in the metal body. Participants move around and between the flaming feathers, and climb on and under the metal body like a big jungle gym. At the Angel’s heart hangs a bell, a tribute to artist, activist, and friend of FLG Tom Kennedy.

Physical Specs

12′ x 4′ x 4’ steel head, 8 large propane feathers, 8 small propane feathers, steel body. 60′ x 30′ footprint.

Show history:

Robodock, Amsterdam, 2012

Toronto, Canada, 2010

Burning Man, Black Rock City NV, 2005

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