About FLG



The Flaming Lotus Girls is a group of artists who make interactive, large-scale fire and metal art installations. Our vision is to empower people to develop fabrication and leadership skills, and to become experienced artists by fostering a supportive hands-on educational environment. We began in 2000 as a group of six women and two men who wanted to design and build sculptural installations. Since then, we’ve grown to well over 100 members. Women are the majority here, but we welcome all genders.

Through regular meetings, collaborative design sessions, and skills workshops, we design and build our art through an open process with a flat organizational structure. All of our members are volunteers, and step up to tasks and management roles based on their commitment levels on a project basis.

Our work falls somewhere between sculpture and kinetics, and it always involves pyrotechnics and crowd interaction — we invite everyone to become part of the art. Our sculptures are made of some combination of steel, copper, aluminum, glass, resin, and wood, and they range in size from pretty small to really, really big. Our flame effects blaze from 2 inches to 100 feet.

We approach our collaborations through a unique design methodology with a hyper-fluid organizational structure. In our open and supportive cultural environment, FLG promotes creativity, education, volunteer contribution and leadership opportunities. We work together in an egalitarian fashion, accepting input from anyone who participates. All creative decisions are made collaboratively, and our pieces are designed, built, repaired, packed, and installed by a crew of passionate volunteers.

People can join the FLG with no previous experience in metal working or fire arts. There are hands-on opportunities for members to learn the techniques used in the design, fabrication, and operation of our projects. We hold weekly meetings in SF, and newcomers are always welcome to attend.

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